About Me


I am Niki (my Spanish friends call me Pinche Niki, hence the site is called Pinche Travels) and a typical travel junkie like most people reading my blog. I did not start traveling or seeing the world until I graduated from college. I went to business school in Madrid and this was when I started traveling around Europe. During my exchange program, I studied in Santiago, Chile, which allowed me to travel all over South America.

After graduating from grad school, I worked for several companies, mainly doing international sales. My job allowed me to travel to many countries and I loved and still love meeting people from different countries and cultures. In my blogs, you will note that my main themes are eating, meeting people, negotiating and getting the best deals possible.

In 2011, I was posted in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which allowed me to travel to many countries in Southeast Asia. At that point, I was curious how many countries I travelled to. It was 86. From that time, I started counting the number of countries that I visited, and the 100th one was Ethiopia.

After hitting my 100th country, I declared my new goal in life, which was to visit every single country in the world. Here is a list of the UN countries and the remaining countries that I have left to visit.

My site will concentrate on most of the less visited countries. These are pretty much the only ones that are left. So, come join me on this adventure virtually and I will do my best to relay the reflection of things that I have seen and learned.

I am who I am and will never change. My friend’s call me the modern day Christopher Columbus. Let the journey begin!

Please feel free to contact me at pinchetravels (@) gmail (dot) com.

You can follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

I currently reside in San Juan, Puerto Rico.